take my love, take my land
take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
you can't take the sky from me

take me out to the black
tell them I ain't comin' back
burn the land and boil the sea
you can't take the sky from me

there's no place I can be
since I found Serenity
but you can't take the sky from me...



This is the first submission to the site that is being made public (second submission overall). You'll note from the line right under the title of the post that it is submitted by baji who hails (or is currently hailing from) bajira. So make sure you go check out her blog, and leave unwitting comments.

baji, this completely captures the spirit of kuch sunao, I love it! And I love you for it.

-- adnan.

Ooch, all things Joss Whedon rule. The end.