Kuch Sunao is something you say when you want to hear something. It means "tell me something". It's what you say to a friend when you just want to hear their voice.

I intend for kuch sunao to be a collection of those voices.

Readings of poetry and prose that we share with each other. This might be poetry you love or poetry you've written. Record it and share it - right here.

Why?, you might ask. I think "why not?" is a sufficient answer to that question. But I'll still explain with some detail.

This is an excuse.

kuch sunao to bahana hai, kuch sunne ke liye

Kuch sunao is an excuse to hear something. I am not an active consumer of poetry. This is a platform that, I hope, will give me an avenue to access and share some really good material.

It is an excuse for me to learn and relearn both English and Urdu. It is an excuse for me to indulge in wordplay.

It is an excuse for me to build and to create.

Who? Me and you. I hope to get all sorts of contributions from all sorts of folk. The more we share the better, but also the better we share the better.

I hope that this can be a place where we can consume, but more importantly, contribute and criticize.

I hope that it will be common for someone to revise and re-record a reading based on feedback (should they choose to accept the feedback). I hope that there will be multiple readings of the same material, so that we have multiple interpretations and understandings.

Why not just share poetry (and perhaps even prose) directly? Why record voices?

I think this is where the contribution part comes in. By contributing our voices, we're creating something. We're not just consuming, we're also creating and sharing. I think that is a beautiful thing. Also, I find recording poetry fun. It's just plain fun.

In 2006, a friend and I were in the subway and he suggested playing antakshari. There are certain things I refrain from doing in public. Singing and dancing are of those things. So instead of singing, I started to speak out the words of the Hindi songs as if in conversation, or as if poetry were being recited. That process was fun.

And that is why. Fun.

With that spirit, all voice recordings on this site will be under a Creative Commons (attribution, non-commercial, share-alike) license. This means that you are free to share, use and remix the recordings as you with as long as you attribute the source/authors, it is not used for commercial reasons and that any new works you create based on this will also be released under the same license.

Kuch sunao is not a presentation of perfection, it will continually be a work in progress.

I'm excited about this. Let's make it awesome.