First, I must apologize. When the site first started I sent a long long email to friends asking for their support. In the email I said that if the site didn't get their support, feedback, participation, etc that the site will die. The site got off to an awesome start and it was buzzing along. But it did end up dying, and that's on me.

The way in which the site was built wasn't conducive to the site's growth. Simple tasks were onerous and comment spam was piling up. And we all know how depressing comment spam can be. So instead of having to deal with a poorly built system I took the site down. I know I could have gone with WordPress or somesuch but that too would have been restrictive (and also I am stubborn).

But we're back now! Rebuilt from scratch - again. I'm a believer in second chances, so let's give this a shot again.

So kick the site around and make suggestions for improvement, etc. It's not all done but it's good enough to restart with. I think it could use a redesign as well (and any help in that regard is greatly appreciated).

Okay! Let's do this!
aao, kuch sunao.