Kuch sunao is a place where we share our readings of poetry and prose.

What does kuch sunao mean?

Kuch Sunao is something you say when you want to hear something. It means "tell me something". It's what you say to a friend when you just want to hear their voice.

We intend for kuch sunao to be a collection of those voices.

Wait, doesn't http://audiopoetry.wordpress.com do the same thing?

We love audiopoetry, you should go there and listen to the stuff they have. Kuch sunao is slightly different in that it allows folk to request and submit readings right on the site. And we're not restricted to published material only.

So how does it work?

You browse the site and listen to the readings. You can also record your favourite material, or even material you've written and submit it. We'll review it and we'll either post it or give you feedback. =)

Why are you doing this at all?

Because it's fun. It's fun to listen to words.


Kuch sunao is written in Ruby on Rails with a CouchDB database.

More info to come.